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Want a relationship but feeling unlovable

I can’t live a good life

Hello, @hatefulman84.

In reply to your title… That sounds like a very lonely life.

So, I’d like to ask… Why do you think you can’t live a good life? I’d like to try to have a conversation with you about that. It’s up to you to decide whether or not your comfortable sharing more. If you don’t, that’s fine. But if you’re interested in sharing, there are a lot of people here who are willing to read what you have to say.

~Daisy :hearts:


Talking to a “very attractive woman” isn’t really what makes or breaks the ability to live a good life. Nor is it guaranteed that a person who can help you is necessarily going to be what you consider “very attractive”

What one looks like is not what defines that value of what they bring you or anyone else.

If you need a friend to talk to, there are a lot of people here who often are very willing to listen. Maybe changing your title to something like “a casual encounter with a friendly person” would be a little more appropriate and welcoming.

With that said. For what Reason do you feel you can’t live a good life? If you need to talk. Ears are open.



There’s so much about them and I just can’t help myself anymore all I want is a just a little sexual encounter I feel a lot better even if it’s a one night stand

I agree with DearKoyangi in the fact that a different title would probably have gotten you more replies, and they probably would have come sooner, but if that’s how you really feel… :woman_shrugging:… At least it’s the truth. And I also agree that the looks of the woman doesn’t necessarily factor into it either. Beauty isn’t just skin deep. Beauty comes from the heart, also, and someone who isn’t so lucky in looks can be the most beautiful person in the world because she has a good heart.

The thing about humans is that we’re meant to have meaningful relationships. You may feel better right after your one night stand, but in the long run, it’ll leave you empty… maybe feeling disappointed and disgusted and dirty and worthless. Like you’re not good enough for a better life, or like you can’t have one. Plus you take the chance of catching diseases. Herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, AIDS. You take the chance of conceiving a child with someone you don’t know. Yes, you can use protection, but there isn’t anything that can guarantee none of that happens except not doing it.

This is the thing. You deserve better than all of that. You deserve to have a woman who loves you for more than one night, and for more than just sex. Someone who you can be intimate with in all ways. And what happens when you do find this woman? Are you going to be happy to tell her that you were promiscuous? It nice to live a life you want, but in circumstances like this, you have to also think about your future and how it’s going to affect you.

There aren’t going to be many people here who are going to try to convince you a one night stand is worth it.

~Daisy :hearts:


You’re right I do, but it’s kind of difficult for me as of right now because I am having a really hard time trying to approach them

Face-It I’m just a nobody I’ll never be good enough for a hot gorgeous an attractive woman period​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

That’s not true at all my friend.
I think maybe trying to find a different approach may help. Wanting a companion is absolutely normal. We as human beings crave and desire to be close to someone.
The thing is, the quality of the relationship is far more valuable than the appearance. It’s like the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”
A pretty cover doesn’t mean it’s a good book. Just as a pretty face doesn’t mean it’ll be a good, happy or healthy relationship.

It’s understandable that in your loneliness you may find yourself saying “well at this point I don’t care, I just want to be wanted even if for a moment”

But honestly, one night stands and quick fixes even with beautiful women eventually will still leave you feeling alone and unhappy. Because while they may be beautiful, it doesn’t come with the closeness. The emotional bond. You know? And you’ll find yourself going through the same vicious cycle.

As you seek for a companion to share closeness to, Dont restrict it to simply “a very gorgeous woman” - it doesn’t come across right and will limit your responses. (Granted, also, heart support isn’t the place to look for that but you can talk about it)

Don’t limit yourself to one type of person. Be open. (:
Get to know people for more than their beauty. That’s how you find true companionship :heart:

You ARE deserving and worthy of a happy and healthy relationship.

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Maybe it’s time to focus on yourself rather than the women. It’s not that women don’t like you, it’s that you beat yourself up too much when the “right” one doesn’t. That has nothing to do with you. People will all make their own decisions, choices they have to live with at the end of the day. Your job is to not give up and to keep trying. If you are meant to find love, you will. Stop focusing so much on it though. Go about your life. Be successful. Work on the foundation of a life you want to live. Happiness should NEVER be defined by anyone rather than yourself.

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All those girls that I seen or met all have boyfriends and husband and i’m being left out like a sore thumb and it just aint right at all.