Want to feel loved and accepted for who I am. I want woman my age to actually want to be my friend in a deep way

I’m tired. 27 years and each year is just another new shitty thing. this virus doesn’t even phase me, just another thing i have to account for in my life. I’m a loser. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, I mean it in a very literal way. I’m not winning, in anything in life. I’m working my ass off, and making a shit ton of progress. But i’m never where I want to be.

And honestly that wouldn’t be to horrible if I had a few really close friends and a life partner. Thats all I want, community. I want someone I can be completely myself with and a best friend to fall asleep with at night. I need a hug, but thats probably not happening. I’ll probably delete this cause I’m tired and had a drink and be embarrassed that I posted it

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I agree with you, we all are designed to be in a social community with each other. Having a social group is a great thing. Sadly, this virus is making communicating with people even more difficult! One thing I learned personally is that sometimes when looking for friends it can be a difficult process we just have to push through with vulnerability, but it can end in a positive way with you gaining friendships. As you already probably know simply becoming friendly to someone can lead to friendship. Giving someone a car ride, encouraging others, giving compliments to co-workers, asking people to hang out with you on the weekends, and stuff of that nature. Like you stated above, all you can be is yourself and find someone who likes and loves you for you. But you probably know all this but you can read this as a reminder :).
Also, I wanted to acknowledge that you are not a loser! As you stated in your message above, you are hard-working! Having work ethics in itself is a gift from God, there are many people who struggle to work. It sounds like you might not be satisfied. That’s the thing with the life we all have to learn to smile and feel good for all the progress we make. Don’t give up on the positive dreams that you desire.

God bless and Jesus loves you, and just in case you did not already know I want to tell you that you can always talk to Jesus no matter who you are and what you have done or been through. He is always standing by your side with open arms. You are never alone with him by your side. John 3:16 " For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life" When Jesus speaks 100 billion + failures disappear!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdIOaAvvOp8

i understand how you feel. there is no need to be embarrassed. but i do have to tell you something ,sometimes you will feel like your not where you want to be, so try to be positive.


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hi friend,
I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I hope you know that we are always here for you and are more than happy to help you be apart of this community and make friends here:) have you checked out the HeartSupport discord or Twitch streams? those places are great ways to make friends and get connected with people:)
You aren’t a loser in a derogatory way or a literal way. You aren’t a loser at all. You are trying your best and you will get what you deserve, you just have to keep giving it your all and trying your best. I know that sounds frustrating, but it’s true, you really are just trying your best and that’s all you can do. Please don’t be hard on yourself, everything is gonna be okay :heart:


i tried the discord server inthe past but I felt kinda weird being on it. Many ofthe people there seemed to be under 18 and as a 27 year old man I just didn’t feel comfortable being around children like that. Made me feel really weird.

that’s understandable! how about the streams? there’s a lot of people more your age on the stream and it’s a really nice place to get to know people and just chill! Dan and Casey who run the streams are super talkative with the chat and its just a nice environment:)