Want to give up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.
So I’m in a very tough spot. My marriage is a disaster. No matter what I try I can’t get it right.
I want to give up on everything, even myself.
The problem is I have two teenage daughters whom I love very much. But sometimes I feel they would be better off without me.
I’ve recently had a med change and switched to a new anti-depressant, so I realize that might be part of the issue. But it’s very hard. I’m stuck. Feels like I’m drowning.

“Loneliness is not a phase. A field of pain is where I graze. Serenity is far away. Saw my reflection and cried. So little hope that I died.” -Layne Staley (song Angry Chair)


Hi, I am glad that you shared this with us.
When a relationship isnt in a good spot or moment, it can be difficult to move on or not to think about it.

But for what you have written, you are trying your best to help the relationship to get better and if things doesnt end well with your partner ( I hope that doesnt happen),you know that you tried your best and you wont be feeling that maybe you could do better.

I know that you have said that because some things ,you arent in a good spot right now, but remember even when there are so many clouds, the sun will come out again.

It isnt easy, but life isnt easy at all, sometimes you will want to end all of this, to give up but you have to remember that life can be beautiful too, with so many thing to do.

Do it for the people you love, for the people that love you, do it for you. I know that is hard, but keep fighting, try to do somenthing you like, try a new hobbie…but dont give up in life or in you.

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to love yourself.

If you need something or need to talk to anyone. Know that we are here.

We care about you :heart:

Take care :heart:


Are you in counseling - either as a couple or on your own? It sounds like you’re putting all the work you can into your marriage, I would just encourage you to communicate, communicate, communicate… so much can be resolved with communication, and so much can be shut down by lack of it.

Your kiddos are teens… so if they’re like mine, that means they DO NOT communicate - or if they do it’s with a need or an annoyance (eye rolls, shrugs, non-verbal included)… Know that it gets better in that regard. My 18yo is amazing, but damn did he have a good 6 year span of being a TEENAGER. It IS hard, it’s totally normal to feel stuck, but it sucks to feel that way.

Med changes can throw so many things up into the air… I know for me I have to give it a good 3 weeks to level out any time there’s a change. Hopefully that’s the same for you, but if not - talk to your doctor about what is or isn’t working!!!

Parenting is HARD, relationships are HARD, sometimes life sucks… but you are not alone, you are worthy of love, and you matter to those around you. <3