Want to say something that's on my mind lately

TW: Physical abuse, mental abuse, any kind of abuse.

I want to encourage whoever reads this. Please…if you have suffered any type of abuse from a man or woman, speak up! I am currently following the Johnny Depp case due to always being a fan of his & I realized something after watching today’s proceedings. Women can be the abuser towards men. Women can be the abuser towards other women. Men can be the abuser toward women. Men can be the abuser towards other men.

We often think that this only looks one way, but we forget to see the other ways it can be. Find someone that you trust & confide in. My heart breaks for people that carry this burden in silence. My heart breaks for Johnny. I am always here to support you, encourage you & talk anything out. You do not have to suffer in silence. I did suffer in silence, but I know how freeing it feels to let someone know what you went through. Justice exists. Freedom exists. You just have to fight for it. I believe in you. You matter. :yellow_heart:

“When a bird is released from its cage, it flies away and never returns. Like a bird, fly away to power and freedom.”


Thank you for sharing this really encouraging message, @StarFox.

I have myself been in abusive situations throughout my life - different types of abuse with different people. But the very first one was with my mom during most of my childhood. For a long time I was scared to open up about it because beyond denial itself, we are so fed with the idea that a mother is this caring and loving figure that would never hurt their child that I was convinced of it myself. Child abuse is too often represented as being from the dad, the “man of the house”. While really, not every mother has this motherly fiber inside of their heart.

Anyone can become abusive. It’s a matter of circumstances and life stories.

I’m not following this trial, but hopefully it could be yet another opportunity for domestic abuse to be a topic to be discussed more publicly. So more people can understand what it is about and that victims can find some connection with the descriptions and stories shared, to finally feel understood and realize they’re not alone. :hrtlegolove: Not only stigma creates distorted perceptions of reality, but it also increases the chances to fall into denial when horrors are actually happening.


From: Zephirah

Thank you for the reminder! You are loved.


From: ManekiNeko

thank you for being a beautiful reminder that you never know what happens behind closed doors. To keep our ears and eyes open and to be people who listen.


From: Aces MCL36M

Hallos! Physical abuse is such a bad thing to go through I went through the same way with my biological parents. I’m hoping you get out of this bad situation. You are loved , valued and respected here. Sorry I couldn’t provide much support.


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