Wanted something more in life

Well let me tell you a little short story of myself for years I’ve been trying to find some meaning in my life. I have joined the fire department I thought giving back to my town and helping people in need make me happy and proud of myself but unfortunately every time I look myself in the mirror I’m very sad I wish I had a family you know like a wife and some kids but that would never happen I don’t have the confidence in myself. I was always shy I never spoken to anybody I finally had the guts and just be myself ever since I joined the fire department I talked to people I don’t know what it is for some reason I’m just not happy I’m looking for something that has meaning in life


The changes don’t happen over night. Talking to people is a HUGE step and I’m proud of you for it! being a firefighter is badass and something you should be proud of! It’s our nature to look after what we don’t have and wish for it. It may not be healthy, but it’s normal and natural. Just know you’ve made two enormous steps to improve your life and embolden yourself. It feels like we’ll never find love when we’re single or failing at the dating game, but in due time you’ll find it when and where you least expect it if you use this time to focus on yourself and living your best life. Even just a little bit of confidence is sexy, but it doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people, and you have to work at it like changing your eating and exercise habits. But man, whether you see it yet or not, you’re doing it! You went after the job you wanted, and you’ve loosened up to talk to people and be yourself! I’ve had a sign hanging in my bathroom for 5 years and 3 different residences that says “When you do what you love, everything else falls into place.” And for 5 years that has been absolutely true, even if it wasn’t as quickly as I wanted. You’ve got this!


Congrats on becoming a firefighter that is amazing. Everyday you have a chance to truly make a difference in someone’s life and being a firefighter/EMS is an rewarding experience. Getting married and starting a family takes time and that is okay. You’re going to meet someone that is going to love you for you and wants to spend the rest of their life with you. I’m glad to hear that joining the department has helped you to open up and talk to people that is huge be proud of that. I think we all look for some type of meaning it is human nature and it will happen. You have a job you love but still feel like something’s missing and it is okay to feel that. In addition to being a firefighter look for what gets you fired up and passionate about, it could lead to friendship and even a mate. Love will happen when you least expect it to. Keep doing you and keep hanging in there.


Thanks sheetMetalHead for that I need to hear that

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