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Wanted to spit at someone face at a show

I went to see All That Remain on Saturday night, it good because haven’t been to show for a while. However, I trip a guy by accident at a bar. I apologize after, but he gave me shit.

I was wearing a mask cause are I did not give my parents covid ( my dad had cancer). Then this fucking dough town drunk that I trip, told me “ you at a metal show, take the ear plug off and mask”. I just ignored him, and said nothing.

I want to spit in his face and fucking stab him. I’m listen to metal since high school, passion about and this fucking retard calling me out. Fuck those towneis that think he better than me.

I really wanted to hit with my car in the parking lot. However, my wise was telling me “ fuck that guy, he just picking on you cause his a drunk and your smaller than he is.” I just went into the pit instead, to release some anger and just let it out.


I’m glad you didn’t act on your impulse to hurt him, or make things worse. That shows that you’re getting better at not letting your emotions control you. After the upsetting experience you were able to go home and sleep. Had you acted on your impulse to hurt him, you might not have been able to go home. You might have ended up behind bars instead. Fuck that guy is right. He has no right to get into your head and mess you up. I’m glad you found a way to release anger.

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Damn right. He doesn’t know you, he doesn’t get to tell you how to live your life or appreciate your music. Know what’s not metal? Giving your parents COVID and damaging your hearing. Glad you just let him be a drunk asshole and didn’t let him make you feel shame, and glad you got to go rage out in the mosh pit :metal:


Hi Metalskater1990. There are always those assholes that think that being tough or metal means being careless, irresponsible and abnoxious. That person was one of those people. I am sorry that you had an encounter with a person like that but you held your cool and you didnt let it ruin your experience. I am proud of you that you did not succumb to your anger and instead released it in a much healthier way. I hope you did enjoy the concert otherwise :wink:


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