Wanting out 🌌

[This is not the exact alter writing this but another (Me, Trevar) translating the alters thoughts into text as he is not fond of fronting whatsoever)

I never wanted to know what are the happenings of mortals, or anything living with flesh and blood. It’s always disgusted me, it feels so short, inconsistent, what is the point of it anyways? To be able to breathe and then die? It seems to meaningless to “live”, at least for immortality you can exist on, and do so much more a mere mortal life can’t exist for long enough.

But even with my distain of it all, I’m now here, in a body, with other…mortals, it’s uncomfortable, I absolutely hate it. Do I have to stay here for the rest of the mortal life now? Stuck in the flesh cage?

It’s disgusting, everything, from the tissue, skin, blood and bone it’s all repulsive. Why can’t I just be rid of this cage early? Well of course that one mortal, “Trevar” would tell me to stop feeding the other thoughts, but they don’t seem to understand I never asked to be here, I rather be out. If I kill this body off then I could easily be free, and none of this… “system business” anymore.

Before I felt far more free, I could go anywhere, touch the stars, not be limited by gravity or needing air, just being a being among the stars… I wish to go back to that, I want to see my world again…



I’m not quite sure how to deal with this, I don’t know what to do to help satisfy him, he seems to miss seeing the galaxies and stars… but idk how I can provide that for him



I don’t know how to help, I can’t explain it but I understand how you feel. You can PM me if you feel like you need to.

I’m sorry, has anyone in the system tried talking to a trusted person about these concerns and feelings? It may help :heart:

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