War inside my head

Getting Mindfucked by my ex/ and her new dude/ they have my daughter she is only 2 1/2 . Hasnt let me see her since her bday 4 months ago. After she got custody back in november/ has had 2 cases of neglect/ leaving my daughter unsupervised/as she was too fucked up/drunk to care for her./she escaped from a hotel room and was found in parking lot wondering around!! It was a toxic relationship fueled on sex/liquor/emotions/lust. We both have charges on our record now/ I lost my job as a firefighter/my house/kid WTF man… Cops showed up both times and still gave her back my daughter. Filed court paperwork for custody/ 2 months out. The tide will turn soon… Punk rock and metal saved me back in my younger days/its getting me through this! Dnt fucking quit/ its only a test of your willpower/resolve. Find strength in music/working out/wilderness/something simple…Fight one day at a time my friends!

Hey @lock313 , I’m sorry your daughter is being so affected by everything going on between you and your ex-wife, she doesn’t deserve that. I’m glad to hear you filed paperwork to get custody of her, I’m obviously not sure of the whole situation but from what you explain in your post it sounds like your daughter is living in an extremely unhealthy situation with her mom, I just hope that you are taking note of her shortcomings to be the best dad you can be in the time you have with her.

Hold fast.

Keep fighting the good fight. Yeah a little cheesy. But keep pushing and be the best dad ever