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I haven’t been able to move forward with my life. I’m disappointed that I never pushed myself further when I could have a few years back when I first went to college

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You matter and I support you.

It may not seem like it now, but there is time. Life is a journey… There is no rush to get where you’re going, and there isn’t a clock or timer on when to be there.

Think about what you enjoy and make small adjustments every week to move towards the things that inspire you… and eventually you will find yourself on a path that you are happy with and inspired by.

I do really believe in you and whatever it is that brought you here today. It was really smart and brave of your to reach out.

Please do consider therapy. I know some people have negative thoughts about therapy… and others are worried about costs and insurance. There are some really good therapists out there and I am hopeful that you will find one with a personality that you can relate too, someone you can trust and who will do right by you, as you deserve. In the US many colleges who have courses for counselors offer low cost or even free therapy. The students may have a type of internship where they gain experience and you gain therapy… There are other alternatives as well, if you are having trouble finding them consider contacting a crisis line… they are trained to help you come up with a plan and they have lots of useful resources that they can offer you for free. Crisis counselors are awesome people and want to help, so give them a shot.

Overall, you do matter. You deserve so much more. Take care of you. There is a beautiful tomorrow out there waiting for you to arrive.

What’s done is done my friend. We can’t live in the past or we miss out on all the beautiful things in our present. I believe whatever happened in the past is 100% perfect. It played out exactly the way it was supposed to, in order for you to learn those lessons, in order for you to get that wisdom, in order for you to get here … What would you do if you believed that? Can you see any ways in which it’s true? How would you live your life differently today? You get to decide what you want to believe about the past, which is the best news. No matter what happened, you are 100% loveable. Your brain is trying to keep you safe, but don’t let it convince you otherwise. We’re here for you!

The best thing you can do is move yourself forward from where you are in life now, if there’s something you didn’t do that you wish you did do it now if you’re able to. It’s never too late to do something In your life you wanted to do.

HI friend. I know it seems impossible, but it is never too late to do something new or to work hard and achieve your goals. When we get older it does become harder, but it is not impossible. We can’t live our life regretting our past because we will miss out on the opportunities in our present and future. I think it’s okay to regret things from our past, but it is important to learn from it and to not dwell on it. You can still achieve so many things. Hold fast. We believe in you.

I know this feeling all too well. I have been dealing with the fact that what if my own health had not stopped me from moving forward. I can say this that you are not alone in these feeling. It is really hard to move past what you have done. It makes life so much harder to love what you are. It is important to remember that you are not the things you didnt do. I want to encourage you that there is still time for you to keep going and that perhaps you can still find away to do the things you want. I know a lot of people who went to college later in life. I know that sounds harder than a simple task but it is a possible. Dont give up on your dreams.

Hold fast and fight for what you want

There’s still time to push yourself now! I had many setbacks and took FOREVER with college. I’m 34 and just entering my final semester this fall. You CAN do it trust me!

On the other hand, maybe you’ve decided college isn’t for you, and that’s okay too! I felt like the biggest sham was that if I just graduated college I could get a good job, but after applying and going to interviews it seems like they care more about experience than a degree…

Either way, whatever path you choose, you should take solace because it will be the right path. The important part is just to pick a path and stick with it! Through thick and thin.