Warped Tour Fan #103

coming out to my family

Wow! I am inspired by your strength and bravery.

I support you! You matter. You deserve all of the things and I have my fingers crossed so hard that this day will go better than you expect and that you will find the love and support of your family as you move forward in life.

Whatever happens, you are a beautiful, amazing person worthy of love and acceptance. My best to you!

I wish you the best in your journey seeking love and acceptance for who you are. You are loved and supported here no matter what, but I can only imagine how difficult of a task this may be for you. You won’t know till you know about how your family will react, but I pray that they love you all the same. Your sexual orientation does not dictate the quality of your heart, you are a good person with a good heart and deserve love all the same.

Hey you got this . You can do it . We will awayd support you and any member of the lgbtqia+ community too. I’m so happy for you congrats

Good luck, friend! We are here for you! I hope that coming out brings a huge weight off of your chest and I hope it goes better than you imagine.