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Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts

You are loved.
You are valued.
You are wanted.
Your life is worth it.
We love you here.

Hold Fast
Morgan HS Intern

Hey there! Im so sorry you’re struggling in this situation. I’m going through depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts myself. Please know that you are NOT alone in your struggles. <3

Hey @FourYearStrong_Fans, as everyone else has stated, you’re valued more than you know. I think it’s a HUGE step that you admitted you’re even struggling with suicidal thoughts. You may not think it is but in every human, there is a driving force for self-preservation. Often times it can manifest itself as Fight or Flight. When faced with a potentially life-threatening situation you have two options: Flee and save your life. Or fight to save your life. It’s against our basic instincts to self-destruct because most everyone wants to live. So while you may not realize it, a part of you wants to die, but the stronger part of you wants to live (hence why you told us!). So thank you for being honest.

Also if you didn’t snag our book on depression at Warped Tour you can get a free one by clicking here. Let us know how we can further support you!

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First of all thank you for sharing all of this with us. I know depression alone is so so hard. I have battled the issues with depression and anxiety for most if not all my life. The struggle is so hard. I dont know if you have made a safety plan incase you need it. But it is important that you find the resources to get better at what you can do. I also know that sometimes making a schedule and sticking too it has helped me battle that depression. I dont know if that helps you any but that is a great resource. I also know that sometimes finding stuff you can enjoy doing and that motivate you can really help. It is not easy when you struggle with all three of these. Perhaps finding resources around you like here that you can surround yourself with will help you to better deal with the things that you are struggling with. I also know that having a go too plan is super important because you can hep with the pieces to better yourself. For me I am able to find things like in the moment to do like pet my dog or brush him. Focusing on what I do have and all my love is so helpful for me.

Hold fast we are here for you

hi friend,
I just wanna let you know that you aren’t alone. we hear you and we love you. you are cared for by everyone in this community and we are so glad you’re here. I wanna encourage you to keep coming on here and sharing how you feel: ) we are here to love on you and show you the support you deserve.
stay strong: )