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I struggle with being very short

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Hey there! As another short person I know this can be a difficult thing to struggle with and I want you to know you aren’t alone :slight_smile: your height is unique to you and that makes YOU awesome!


Nothing wrong with being short friend. My best friend is short, and I don’t love her any less.
You have perks that tall people don’t, the way that taller people have the perks you might not. We’re all unique and you’re awesome!

Hold Fast

It can be so difficult to feel like there’s something deficient in you that you can’t fix…to feel like there’s this permanent difference between you and the rest of the world…like you’re always (literally) looking up on people and they’re looking down on you…to feel like you’re discredited or disqualified from belonging as an equal with the rest of the world because of something you didn’t choose and can’t fix…it can be so alienating and disheartening.

I remember getting into high school and being 4’10" and feeling like everybody just didn’t take me as seriously as my taller peers…it felt like I was constantly in this state of trying to prove my worth and my equality and feeling like I could never do enough to overcome the discrepancy…

You are not alone. And more importantly you are not defined by your height. That is not who you are. What people think about you is not who you are. And I know that it’s hard to make that internal decision and live from a truer place of self, but the good news is that YOU HAVE HOPE…because the solution to your problems is not “get taller” – it’s actually to grow inside of you…to develop a strength of identity and a strength of heart that will be unswayed by people’s opinions or behaviors or words. That puts the control back into your hands, the hope back into your life…because if everything you wanted was based on how tall you were (something you can’t actually control) then you’d be stuck in a hopeless and powerless place…but the good news is that it’s not! You have hope, you have an ability to develop the inner places to know you are loved and to know you belong and to know you are accepted…and all of those things are the truer parts of you. <3

Oh boy is the struggle real when short. I am 5 foot tall standing but I also am a wheelchair user a lot so I am half that size most of the time. It is so hard because I am constantly looking up at others. It is quite hard to be shorter and not being able to do things. But hey it does have benefits. Perhaps look for those and see the benefits.

I am sorry you are struggling with this.

Hold fast