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My mom is emotionally abusive, my dad knows and doesn’t do shit about it. I was supposed to go to a YB concert with a friend and they canceled, then ghosted me. A friend I’ve had for years is being a bitch and won’t talk to me. Another friend blocked me, and another pays more attention to her bf than me when I’m the one who invited her. I don’t want to relapse and cut, but it’s getting harder and harder

Hi there friend :slight_smile:
I’m sorry to hear your friends are treating you this way. That must be hard to get so close to someone and then they treat you this way. You are loved, though, and you are bigger than those lies that are telling you to harm yourself. You have control over self-harm; it does not have control over you.


There is a book by heartsupport, Rewrite. It is available on Amazon:

but also direct from heart support and they will send you one for free if you cannot afford one:

Please do yourself a favor and click on the link that works best for you and when it arrives, pick it up and spend some time with it. Skip to the chapter that speaks to you the loudest and work through it as it is helpful to you.

You matter.

If you are under 18 consider reaching out to a trusted adult for help with the abuse. If you are over 18 seak a support group or therapy to help you move forward… (these things are good for you under 18 as well)

I care about you.

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I live with an emotionally abusive father, and a mother who does nothing about it - I completely understand how that feels. If it’s possible for you, I would look into getting your own place. It took me years to get the courage to do that, but, I’m currently seeking a place to live on my own.
I would encourage you to talk to your friends and tell them how you’re feeling. If they’re making you feel bad, then they need to know. You deserve to be in relationships that make you feel valuable and supported - but, they won’t know they’re making you feel this way if you don’t communicate. Cutting isn’t the way to solve these feelings, but, if you do relapse, please know that it’s not the end of the world and you can get right back up. You will make some friends here if you keep coming back. Friends that won’t leave you.

Hold Fast

I know it can be really hard to believe when so many people in your life treat you horribly, but I want you to know that you are loved. You are not a reflection of the hurtful things others have done to you. You are worth loving friendships. You matter. Please don’t cut or relapse. Your journey is a difficult one, but I promise you that it does get better. If you ever need anything we are always here for you.

Hey friend it sounds like you have a lot going on for you. I am also going to say that I am so glad you have shared what is going on for you right now. You are not alone in anyway at all. I have also dealt with Emotional abuse and other types where one parent knows and does nothing. It is extremely hard to fight the issues that come with any type of abuse. I am so sorry your dad does not seem to care to stop it. Do you know if your mom does the same thing to him. Also have you talked to him at all about how it makes you feel. I am so sorry so many of your friends seem to be ignoring or hurting you in some way shape or form. That is extremely hard because loosing those that you thought cared about you makes having everything else just so much harder. The battle is not over I promise that you will find friends who actually care about you for you. Keep looking join into things like here. I know I have meet some of my best friends on here. If you didnt know they have an entire twitch community and so much more.

Hold fast