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My biggest struggles are with anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

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Same here. You aren’t alone in this. It’s a hard journey but you’re strong enough to face it!

You’re not alone friend. Many of us struggle with this. Please don’t give up fighting - this won’t get the better of you. Keep talking about it - that’s what helped me the most. There are people here who want to help you, if you let us. You matter.

Hold Fast

Hi Yungblud_Fans. It is hard when you are depressed and anxious. Some questions to think about if you want- Do you feel like you are in a cycle where one is more prevalent than the other for a season? What supports do you have - family, friends, medicines?

If you feel bad about yourself for having anxiety and depression, maybe there is a layer of shame. The truth is important- it is not bad to be feeling this way. Take courage and find the truth.

Don’t feel like you have to respond. This community is here to listen and hear you talk. Strive to care for yourself today!

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Same here depression is a daily battle as is anxiety for me. I try so hard not to let it effect me but each day the battle is harder. The one thing I know is talking to others who struggle has helped me a lot.

Dont give up.

I struggle with depression and anxiety too. You are not alone in this. If you ever need someone to reach out to we are alway here for you.

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Depression and Anxiety are punks! They beat you down unexpectedly. It happens to me every often. It doesn’t mean we are freaks. You are not freak for having them. It’s natural. Everyone had gone through it one point in their lives. You have the strength to keep moving forward. Hold fast. We believe in you.