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I struggle with depression

Hey friend,

I am very sorry to hear that you are struggling with depression. I myself struggle with the same thing. Each day holds different obstacles we have to overcome. It was ways is this effecting your life?


Depression is such a hard thing to live with, but, it’s possible. The first step is to talk about it - and this is a great place to do that. It wasn’t until I spoke out about my struggles that things started to get better. If you can, look into Dwarf Planet, a workbook on depression that HeartSupport developed. It has helped many people and may be of use to you. You’re not alone.

Hold Fast

Depression is always a hard thing for me too. It has been a constant life issue. For me one thing I like to do is make a list of things I need to get done. I also like to write out the things that may trigger that depression. Perhaps that could help you.


Me too. It’s really hard sometimes, but you aren’t alone. You can find healing and you can find hope. You are loved and you are enough. It isn’t easy, but I promise you that it does get better. Hold fast, we believe in you.