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I’m helping a child with autism that is dealing with police brutality that happened this past week

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How has it been helping this child? I’m sorry to hear about this and I hope it gets resolved soon. I want to encourage you to keep persevering through this and do what is best for the child. We are always here to talk too if you ever need it!


That is amazing of you to do. I’m so glad that this child has you to help them. Keep helping them, remind them that you are safe, that you care for them. Not all police are bad, if possible, look to your local officer or someone and see if they can come and spend some time with you and the child? Exposure can really help - but, only when the child is ready. They’ll see then that not all police are out to harm people. Take some time for yourself too though. Keep yourself healthy in this.

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Wow, that must be really stressful and hard to go through. But you are probably making such a huge difference in that child’s life. And I know it’s hard, but it is worth it. If you ever need someone to talk to about what you go though we are always here for you.

Oh boy I am so sorry this person you know is dealing with this. I am proud of you for stepping up to help them. It is hard because police do not quite have the training to understand disabilities like this one. Perhaps you could share with police some basic knowledge that you know. I know that might be hard but you can do it. Just being there for this person is wonderful and beyond enough you are helping this person to know that someone is there to listen. I am sorry you have been put in the middle of this but continue to remember you are doing what you can to help this person.

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