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I’m going to a Christian camp this week that my mom’s dragging me along to and tbh I’ve been really stressed out because it’s the first time I’ll be there while out as transgender and idk if I’ll be accepted or not.

Hey friend. As personally a Christian my recommendation is be honest with who you are. Be honest with the people around you. Show who you are and love those around you. Know that you are loved.

Hold Fast
Morgan HS Intern

I hope that the people at the camp are accepting. No matter what happens, know that you are valuable, you are enough, you are lovable and you deserve acceptance! Don’t change yourself to fit in because there are people who will love and accept you for you. Hang in there :star:

Be honest with who you are. If your mum is taking you along, talk to her about your concerns. You’ll be fine! You’ll feel so much better being there as yourself.

Hold Fast

God loves you for who you are. If anyone gives you a hard time at that camp just know that their persecution is not what a follower of christ does. I just want you to remember that God’s love for you does not depend on what your gender is. If you ever need anyone to talk to we are always here for you. I’ll be praying for you and I hope you have a wonderful time at camp