Warped Tour Fan #140

I’ve been having lots of dark thoughts lately

You are not alone in having dark thoughts. There are a lot of people who experience dark thoughts, too. I understand how draining they can be and I’m sorry you are experiencing this lately. Reach out here whenever you need to and I encourage you to talk to someone around you as well. You are strong and you will get through this time. We believe in you

I’m so sorry. Please know that these thoughts aren’t the truth.
The truth is that you are loved, you are valuable, you belong here and you are worth a good life.
I hope you can come back and allow us to keep speaking truth into your life.

Hold Fast

Hi friend, I really encourage you to open up to the people you are closest with about those thoughts you are having. I believe that when we keep dark thoughts inside they can eat us from the inside out. And when we reach out or open up to someone we trust those thoughts don’t have as strong of a hold anymore. No matter what your mind tells you do not act on those thoughts. Stay safe and know that you can find hope and help.