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Warped Tour Fan #143

was in a 10 year relationship that was a lie…married and child. total shock.

Oh my gosh I can’t imagine that. I am sorry to hear about this and the amount of pain that must bring. I don’t mean to pry or anything but was there a reason why this person wanted to leave?

A relationship isn’t ever “a lie” in my opinion. Every person we come in contact shapes us in a different way… Those people we form a special bond with, shape us even more, teach us things that no one else could teach us. Show us things that we need to see. I think that this relationship, even though it turned out not too great, will have really shaped the person you are today, and taught you things that you can take into your relationships with people.
You still have a child that needs your love, and your support. Keep your focus on that. You can get through it, and your child will be the thing to keep you afloat. You can get through this - it doesn’t mean everything in your life is a lie, and it doesn’t mean every relationship you’ll ever had will be bad.

Hold Fast

Oh boy I am so sorry that this relationship ended. I can say this that any ending of any type of relationship is so hard but when children are evolved it makes it so much harder. I hope you know that this break up does not define who you are. I know that it feels like it might be but it is not. You are more than the past you also have an amazing future and it is not even started. This is not the end of what is too come and you need to fight for that. I am sorry that you have lost such a good relationship but it is that persons loss.

Hold fast friend,

That’s awful. I’m so sorry that happened. I want you to know that what they did, lying to you for ten years is not your fault. You loved with no games, and now you are saying goodbye, no games. It is going to hurt and the healing will take a long time, but I promise you that you will be okay. For right now keep reaching out. Hold fast.