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Warped Tour Fan #146

Hey, my names sabrina and it’s my birthday weekend so I have all these music venues to go to including just came from warped tour…what I thought to be the greatest thing has really gotten me some negative attention. There are people that I know who are supposed to be my friends who recently called me gay for being alternative…its funny because I’m pansexual and when they get wind of that I’m over in their eyes…I hate it because I’m trying to hide myself in front of certain people…idk I’m just confused because the people who doubted my talents keep crawling back once I get a foot forward in my singing career…probably so trivial but it tears me up inside

Happy birthday Sabrina!
It sounds to me like you may need some new friends… However, before making a drastic change like that, is there one person in your friend group that you can talk to and trust? A lot of time, people are completely different in a 1-1 situation than they are in a group because of peer pressure. If so, I recommend talking to them if there is that person. There is nothing wrong with liking different music to the people around you. I know the views on people who listen to music like us aren’t positive - but, that’s okay because we’re a family. I know it’s hard when we care about people, but, try not to worry about what they think. There is nothing wrong with being pansexual, and if they don’t support you for that, that’s their loss. Keep pushing into your career because, man, it’s going to be so worth it. Those people that doubted you and trying to get back into your life… Keep them blocked out. They’re not worth your time. Come and join the HeartSupport discord, and live streams - you will be accepted and encouraged the whole way. You will make friends who accept you as you are. This is YOUR TIME to focus on your dreams - don’t let people get in the way, because you will meet some awesome people on the way. The alternative/metal community is amazing, and the bonds between everyone are unbreakable.

Hold Fast

Sabrina first off happy birthday. I hope you know that you are special just the way you are. I am so sorry that so many people in your life have not been there to support you. That makes it so hard to love yourself. I am going to admit I have been there in these shoes hiding who I truly was to please others. It sucks so much and I am sorry you are being stuck to hide. In all honesty I want you to know that people who are your friends should LOVE YOU for YOU. If someone is not willing to accept you for who you are than in my opinion they are not a true friend. I truly hope you know that you as a whole are worth loving. Also dont ignore who you are because it sucks when we do that. If you are hiding who you are than you are hiding from the truth about you and that takes a lot out of people. Showing our true colors can be so freeing.

Hold fast and know that I am here for you


Those “friends” who make fun of you don’t really sound like nice or good friends. A real friend loves and celebrates who we are and don’t make us feel worse about ourselves. A friend is there through the bad times and through the good times. It’s okay to drop someone from your life who is making you feel horrible and who is only a “fair weather friend”. I want you to know that I think you deserve good friends who support you with your singing, who love who you are, and who are there for you. It’s okay that it tears you up inside, it probably hurts when that happens. You are worth so much more. Hold fast.