Warped Tour Fan #149

Struggling with self-esteem issues along with dealing with anxiety SUCKS, it just makes me not want to leave the house

Anxiety on top of low self-esteem sounds like a lot to be dealing. I too have low self-esteem and anxiety, it can be rough, but, I’ve slowly started to get a handle on my anxiety with the help of this community and friends. You should be super proud of yourself. You said you’re unable to leave the house, but, you attended Warped Tour with thousands of people! That’s amazing! If you can do that, you are more than able to walk to the store, or little things like that. It’s just little things… If you struggle to leave the house one day, just remember, you overcame BOTH of those things to get to Warped!

Hold Fast

I am so sorry you are feeling that way. Try to be kinder to yourself. We often are our own worst enemies. And most of the time no person is as mean as the thoughts in our head. Remember that you are not alone and that you are loved.

Anxiety and low self-esteem does suck and I’m sorry you are going through this :confused:. Anxiety can tell us all these lies about the way we look and how we act and tell us what others think of us but learning how to call anxiety out on it’s crap can be really helpful. YOU are beautiful and YOU are kind and YOU are wonderful and YOU deserve to be happy and loves (because you are!!). One thing I want to ask of you is leave your house for 10min. Go on a walk or just sit outside but make those small victories and when you feel comfortable then push those victories higher. YOU can do this and we are here to support you :slight_smile:


Yeah, can feel like you’re on constant display for criticism and judgment…like when you leave you’re just going to get hacked by the nearest passerby and proved that you should have just stayed inside all along…feels like your self-worth just experiences blow after blow every day you leave, like you’re constantly viewed as this kind of alien, this sub-human, someone undeserving of breath or belonging, and it feels totally destructive to who you feel you are. So you start to get anxious about the next time you have to leave because you know it’s going to inevitably cause pain in your life, and so you fear it…and then that fear starts to eat away at your time at home, and soon enough you’re just living in this constant state of anxiety where everything either causes pain or causes fear, and you feel you can’t escape it…the hardest part is that you can’t escape it because it’s the thoughts inside of you that are causing both the pain and the anxiety…you interpret their looks as confirming the worst fears you have…you accept their words about you as truth…you take those arrows and you drive them deeper…and when you’re by yourself, you’re confirming those fears and those pains, and so you can’t escape it because it’s these lies that you’re believing about yourself and your own worth that are the genesis of all of this mess…not that it’s your fault…you didn’t choose to believe these things just out of thin air – you had plenty of people help create those beliefs…but now you’ve joined in believing them, and that’s the scariest part is being your own worst critic. And so the beginning of healing starts with you! Which is the most hopeful piece of this whole thing…if it just had to do with looking better or getting other people to like you more, then it’d be a lot harder because those are things you can’t control…you can try! But you’ll spend a lot of wasted time trying to control everyone else and their thoughts…Instead, when you realize that the problem lies within – therefore, the power to change lies within, then you’ll find some serious hope. The first step begins like this – by sharing your story…so way to go! You’re already on your way to overcoming these lies and believing the truth…the truth being that you are beautiful and worthy of belonging exactly as you are…it’s just the truth about you, friend :slight_smile: Hoping that becomes more and more true for you, because you deserve it.