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I feel really sad most of the time and when I feel good I feel bad about it like I was making the feelings before up. And I sometimes wouldn’t get out of bed because I can’t get the motivation to. I am also worried about what sexuality I am a lot even though I live with an expecting family I am worried I am making all of that up too. I feel like shit most of the time tbh.

Sexuality can be an incredibly confusing thing - but, I would highly encourage you to try and reach out to people who have discovered their own sexuality. Explain what you feel. There’s NOTHING to be worried about. Whatever you identify as is 100% okay. I struggled for SO long before realising what I was - a panromantic demisexual… That means that I am ROMANTICALLY attracted to a person for their personality, regardless of where they sit on the gender spectrum (They can be trans.gender fluid etc not just female/male) but I only become sexually attracted to someone when I have that romantic connection with them… I thought at first I was an asexual because i never felt attracted to anyone, and I never understood the fascination with sex etc… It takes time to work it out, but, again, it doesnt matter. It’s just a label. You love who you love, and that’s all.
As for the feelings of sadness etc, I feel like Dwarf Planet, the workbook on depression that HeartSupport released could be useful to you. It will help you to understand those feelings and work through them.
You can find it on amazon or if you can’t afford that, you can find it free on the website!

Hold Fast

Life has ups and downs While it’s okay to not be sad it’s also okay to be happy or to have a good moment. Don’t feel guilty about how you are feeling. When you have a moment where you feel okay, don’t hate yourself for that. Embrace it and accept it. Those little moments are huge. Be patient with yourself and be kind to yourself too. You are loved and you are enough even when you are feeling your lowest. Hold fast, we believe in you.

hi there first off I am so sorry you are feeling these things. I know that it might not be easy to get past stuff that is hard.

So something you said made me really think this idea of

This statement is something I have truly felt in my times of horrible days. One day I will feel all down and have no energy what so ever and than the next I get tons and tons done but I want you to know that it does not make those feelings ANY LESS TRUE. Your feelings are VALID. Only you know how you feel because you are the only one in your shoes.

On the topic of sexuality that is a big hard thing to know. I still do not know my true sexual identity but I think when you focus too hard on it that can just stress us out so much that it makes it harder to focus on being the true person we are. Perhaps just think of it this way you are you and truly that is what matters. Dont let the identity you feel you have define you. Labels were created by others but not every label can fit every person.

Hold fast if you need to talk message me,

Thanks for sharing. Experiencing good times or feelings can totally feel strange when you’re in the midst of sadness. I get that too, that I feel okay today so I must not actually be depressed. But really it doesn’t invalidate other times or feelings. Some days you may not be able to get out of bed and some days you may feel okay. Both kinds of days may happen and both are valid. Hang in there, you can work through these things. You’re not alone