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control. I need to get out of there as soon as i can before the place falls apart more than it already is. It is a very anxious time for me. Anxiety has been a

and our product runs out every day because our owner can’t afford to buy any more. Every day we have to face angry customers over something we can’t really gonna get a check that will go through or not.

We don’t have AC and work in a kitchen with very hot ovens. A lot of people are getting sick from heat exhaustion.

Struggling to find a new job right now. My current job is falling apart quickly. The owner doesn’t have money. Can’t afford to pay us. I’m never sure if I’m

new job will allow me more opportunities to move out and provide benefits to help with college

anxiety waiting to answer calls and start the interviewing process. Family isn’t very supportive of me and is very emotionally abusive. Hopefully getting this

huge struggle for me and doesn’t help with my mental health as i suffer from depression as well. Hoping i can get through weeks until i get a new job. A lot of

Hey friend,
It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I am glad you felt comfortable to share with us what is going on. I am so sorry that right now is such an anxiety inducing time for you. I know that my apologies can not take that way but I hope you know that I am rooting for you. I also know the fears of calls for interviews and being denied for the job. I have been playing that role for awhile now. I personally will say this that if you stand firm in the idea that hey perhaps I have this one in the bag it can help to know that hey I did my best. When we let the anxiety take over the control we loose the ground that we had. That ground is hard to get back. It is like how when in the ocean and you go out and the rip tide takes a hold if it gets your feet from out from under you it can pull you out further and further away from the shore. Well in this case it is your anxiety taking you further from that goal of finding a new job. So here is something I have learned for me make baby step goals. Like for example today I am going to apply for this job. Or the idea of saying today I am going to put effort into making my resume and cover letter look amazing. The stress of college and other opportunities looking forward too can really stress me out so I have found that in order to help me I need to focus on some of the present things.

I hope some of that helps. Just know I believe you can do this.
Hold fast,

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I know life is not easy and sometimes we try to hold the world on our shoulders.
Start taking care of yourself. Look for a btter a job, try to work on something that you will feel comfortable. Distractions in this world makes us feel unworthy, under pressured. Hold on tight, do not be hard on yourself. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

That’s a rough spot to be in. Work is such a big part of our life and when it is constantly stressful and causing anxiety it can be overwhelming. Your health and wellbeing are important! Not sure what your family is responding to the situation but it is okay to do what you have to to take care of yourself! Best wishes on your job search. You got this!