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I’ve been having troubles with drinking all the time. It is getting in the way of my personal life and goals but it’s just so difficult to control myself.

It is good to get around people who are fighting the same fight - you are not alone! A friend told me that she went to an AA meeting and was amazed how much it opened her eyes and changed her life. She keeps her eyes on her goals - her dreams- and posts her vision everywhere. I encourage you to take action that you deserve! You would do the same for a friend. Do this for yourself - and new, amazing friends will join you!

Yeah man…totally get that…it’s so much easier to drink than it is to face the things that you want to do but haven’t yet and feel like a total failure…drinking takes away all of the thoughts about yourself like how you’re wasting time, how you’re not where you want to be, how you’re a piece of shit…of course you wake up feeling even worse, but sometimes when those voices get so loud in your head, it’s so much easier to just let things drown than to try to face them…

What’s important to recognize is that drinking isn’t the real problem, it’s the solution! Your problem is those voices and that sense of worthlessness and anxiety and insecurity that leads you to wanting to drink…you drink to stop those things from happening…and in that sense, drinking (while yeah it’s probably become its own issue to an extent because of chemical dependency / habituation / etc) is the secondary issue…the primary issue is those emotions and the wounds and the things that you’re experiencing underneath that are really what you need to address and find healing for…and actually the things that are far more rewarding to pursue!! Because it’ll change your life in so many ways, not just by changing your need / desire to drink, but changing the way you see yourself, love yourself, relate to others, spend your time and your thought life…it touches everything! So worth all of the time and effort to excavate, discover, and renew those parts of your mind.


Hi friend. Thank you for trusting us and sharing.
I myself never had a huge struggle with alcohol, however, I was addicted to drugs/prescription pills for more than 7 years… It’s easier to run from our emotions than it is to face them, and these things provide that escape for us, but, in using them, we sacrifice pretty much our whole life.
I tried so many times to get out of my addiction alone. It wasn’t until I did what you’ve done right here - and admitted to another person that I had a problem. I was encouraged to start a 12-Step Programme, throw out any substances I had access too, and attend the meetings that came with the programme. For me, it’s been a huge life saver, and I would encourage you to look into some 12-Step groups around you too.
It feels like it now, but, you won’t be stuck in this forever. I’m nearly a year clean, and I couldn’t even make it an hour without being high before. You WILL get out of this, if you decide to put the work in.
This community will be with you every step of the way if that’s what you decide to do. If you don’t, then we will be here and help you however we can until you are ready.

Hold Fast