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Anxiety and sometimes feelings of worthlessness

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For a long time I struggled with self worth and anxiety.

Today I am glad to be alive to show it does get better with time and hard work. I promise you that.

Keep reaching out, i promise it gets better.


You matter. Your experiences are valid. Don’t allow anyone to tell you differently.

I find that anxiety gets worse when we question if we matter… or if our experiences are valid. You do… they are, period.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are in life… what you have been through, or haven’t been through. You are you… and you matter just being here. Your experiences are yours… and they happened…

Anything that you haven’t accomplished yet or anything that you haven’t done yet, go on the plan for what you want to work on or do… This is a long term plan that you work on at your on pace as you go through life. YOUR PACE. period.

I suggest that you work towards surrounding yourself with supportive, like minded people while you are on your life journey.

Cultivate your relationships to support those who are supportive… and move away from unsupportive situations so that you are either the light, surrounded by the light or both… Together you will work towards feeling worthy… doing things that you feel are worthy or your time… worthy of yourself and bringing you more value to yourself, your life and those who you love.

Take care of you.


Hey there! Here is our live response from our Twitch stream with Mark from Unveil The Strength:

Hold Fast!


Hi friend!
I have these too. And trust me they are so so so hard to deal with. My advice for you is this: tell yourself that you are loved today. Say it out loud in your head or scream it from the roof tops. Anytime I’m feeling down or useless I just try to remind myself that im worth it and no matter how hard I struggle, I could never do anything that would make God not love me.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I struggle with these everyday and I can say with certainty that some days are harder then others, but by reaching out you give yourself permission to overcome.
Hold fast.