Warped Tour Fan #35

Im afraid of taking that chance with my band and it not coming back to me and wasting my life.

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It’s hard to try new things, but you won’t know if you don’t try. Take it slow and take small steps.

Like Lyss said, you never know if you never try. Don’t live your life with the regret of never taking that chance. You are worth chasing your goals and dreams.

There’s no such thing as wasting your life - I had to learn that. I thought I wasted many years of my life on a college course that was way below my academic level, but, it gave invaluable life skills and I actually met my best friend there.
Take that chance if it’s what you want to do. Put you passion and emotion into it and jump on whatever opportunity presents itself and it’ll be worth it no matter the result.

Hold Fast

You’ve got this friend, I believe in you!


I have never regretted taking those chances, but i always invested in a secondary option like EMT slowly and steadily just in case. But if your band-mates are not just as committed it will be a waste…it takes everyone in a band to be on board or its not worth the risk. Band-mates will say anything about commitment until stuff hits the fan…judge that by their actions and commitments not their words…

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Video response from our live stream on Twitch!

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