Warped Tour Fan #4

From Set It Off Fan – Getting a job :frowning:

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It took me so long to get my job but I’m so blessed to be here now. I am actually happy.

I had two jobs previously that I dreaded but with the work I put in and just holding on I made it. Just keep on trying.

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Don’t give up! It might take a while to find one you love, but keep trying! You can always have a friend or someone check your resume and ask you practice interview questions to help with the hiring process.

Getting a job is hard! It’s very scary, but, if you have a friend who can help keep you accountable, reach out to them.
They can check in on you to make sure you’re doing what you need to do in order to get there (I’m not sure how job applications work in America, I think it’s a little different, sorry!) and then, when you finally get that job, they can help you to stay grounded and get through the first few weeks.
Good luck!

Hold Fast