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I lived in an emotionally abusive household for years. I’m almost free and completely financially independent. Something that currently really worries me is: I have to write a letter to financial aid at my college and detail my abuse at home. If they think it’s bad enough, that means I might be able to get financial aid like an independent. That means I could get about $20k to help pay for my education and get our of college without debt. However if they don’t, I will have to take loans on top of having my story invalidated. That’s why I’ve been procrastinating more than I should on that letter.

We believe in you, we are here for you. I encourage you to write this letter- what you go through is completely valid whether they see it that way or not. What you have gone through is valid, please know that. Take it moment by moment.

I live in an emotionally abusive household too. It’s very unsafe, but, I am hopefully moving out soon too.
I’m so so glad you managed to take the steps to get out. Be as honest as you can with writing this letter. A suggestion I would have is to be conscious of the words you use. That’s a very powerful tool, and will help to make them see what truly happened. It’s hard, but you CAN do this. I know you can.
Write that letter, it’s only going to help.

Hold Fast

know you are not alone in this and we believe in you friend. Colleges are always will to help in all kinds situations. I personally know people that got a lot of help from their college. Stay strong.

Hold Fast
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Hey guys, I am the OP that wrote this. I just wanted to give an update; it worked out. I just recently got approved for Financial Aid. So with a few more steps, I should be able to continue my college career independent from my abusers.

Thanks for listening to me when I needed it! You guys are a great community. <3