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Nasty coworker. Seems to have something against me. Constantly shit talks me behind my back to other coworkers. I don’t know what I did to her to deserve that. I try to help her as much as I can as she is new to the office but all she does is tell others how terrible at my job I have been I was starting to feel like I had found my place here but now I just feel like a target.

I encourage you to talk to a manager and to get about this. My manager at work told all of the associates that we don’t know if something is wrong if we don’t say something. Just take it moment by moment. We are here for you.

I’m so sorry that this is happening, people can be horrible sometimes.
I have a lot of trouble at work with people starting rumours, blaming me for things I had no involvement with and saying some horrible things. If she really thinks you’re terrible at your job, take a step back. Let her discover things for herself, and only help her if she directly approaches you. That way, you’re not leaving her on her own completely, but, you’ve set up a boundary to protect yourself.

Aslong as you know you’re good at your job, and your boss knows that you’re good at your job, that’s what matters. You do still belong there - nothing is going to change that.

Hold Fast

Sometimes you can not help everyone and it could be they struggle with something and they need to see the love around them. I can tell you love people and that shines bright keeping you but if you need to step away from that person by helping them maybe that be the smart idea. what ever you do you will be support here.

Hold Fast
Morgan HS Intern

hi friend,
that sounds really rough, im so sorry you have to deal with that. is there someone else at work who you can talk to about this situation? if so, I would encourage you to talk with them or maybe even talk to your coworker and try to work stuff out with her. maybe there’s some miscommunication or past situations that you guys could talk about? I wanna encourage you to keep doing your best and keep helping her as much as you can. maybe she’s going through something that she doesn’t know how to process, so she’s taking it out on the people she works with? I don’t know, but I’d really encourage you to try to have a talk with her about it: )
stay strong

I’m so sorry you are going through that. Bullying is awful and there is no place for that in the workplace. If you feel comfortable maybe tell her how her comments make you feel. And if nothing changes or get worse maybe let your HR know. Because it’s affecting your job and you deserve to work in a place that is healthy for you. You don’t deserve that. If you ever need anyone to talk to we are here for you.