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I work at Starbucks and it’s honestly really tough on my mental health lol. People are literally the worst and absolutely have no regard for our feelings in the service industry and it totally sucks.

I work in retail so I can understand this. I encourage you to apply for other jobs, just because you have a job now doesn’t mean you should just settle and deal with it. Keep trying, we believe in you and we are here for you. I promise with time and work this will get easier and better. Take it moment by moment.

If a job is draining you and your mental health, that’s a sign it’s time to look for another. Giving up your job without having a back up is very risky, but, if you are able to keep yourself afloat long enough to do that until you get another job, do so. Otherwise, start browsing.
I work in retail, I understand people can be VERY rude. They just see you as a “slave” to make things easier for them. I think that with working in places like Starbucks, you are often some of the first people that customers see because they’ve just got up and are stopping in for their coffee to wake them up, so they can be a little all over the place mentally, and so it gets taken out on you. It’s not fair, but it can happen.

Hold Fast

I work in the service industry also at a country club and I have learned treating the person with love and kindness turns their attitude around very quickly. I understand your frustration.

Hold Fast
Morgan HS Intern

Oooh my gosh I know exactly how you feel. I worked at a place called joe muggs, basically a wannabe Starbucks. People would get so angry over the smallest stuff. One time this lady asked for a mocha latte without coffee or chocolate so I asked, “oh okay so like just the latte?” And she yelled at me. It can be difficult. But I just want you to remember that these people don’t know you. How they treat you doesn’t not reflect your worth. Honestly, I always reminded myself too that these people who get so horrible are not worth our energy. Just keep being you and when those people come around just make like my girl Taylor Swift and shake it off.

From one barista to another, sending you lots of love!