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grew up in foster care and every other week I would move homes and some of them were bad and some good I went through a really bad time and the way I would with that was through a needle I’d shoot drugs up my arm just to feel happy for an hour and a few weeks later of numerous use my foster guardian found out I had a meeting with my social worker and I was still on it during the meeting and she told me that they could stop my visits with my mom and I started hyperventilating if youve watched the episode in the walking dead where rick is forced to cut Carl’s arm off that was basically how I was in that moment and they actually did for a week which was the worst for me my foster guardian told me I’d grow just to be a junkie a week later I moved to a placement that helped me turn my life around and I got clean I started moving forward with my life I got my grades up and graduated from high school and my mom was so proud of me just the tears on her face made me so overwhelmed and I started to cry as well and I continued my education to San Joaquin delta college and I’m currently pursuing my Associate’s degree in kinesiology and I have a job at the college as a foster youth mentor and everyday I’m surrounded by people who want me to be successful and who I have built a relationship with and I’m still struggling to overcome today I have just recently got out of a bad relationship with my girlfriend who I’ve been with since high school and I’ve just been feeling like crap since but I’m getting over it day by day
I’ve been clean for 4 years

Thank you for sharing your story, we don’t take it for granted. Keep on fighting, take it moment by moment. We are where for you.

I’m so sorry, that sounds horrible. Thank you SO much for sharing and opening up, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been. I’m so glad you are surrounded by supportive people and are pursuing your dreams - that’s so amazing. Use those people, keep pushing forward. You’re doing so well.

Congrats on 4 years, that’s insane! I’m proud of you.

Hold Fast

Hey thank you for sharing your story. Keep staying strong! Remember to always take one step at a time and not over do yourself

Hold Fast
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Wow! Clean for four years! My friend that is so so amazing. I know that every day presents a new set of challenges, but you have come so so far. I don’t even know you and I am proud of you. You have been through so much and you have come out on the other side. You have woken up each morning and made the choice to fight through this life. I want you to know that whenever you are struggling you can always come here and we will love and encourage you. Recovery is a road of ups and downs, but what matters is that you make the choice every single day to stay. Hold fast.