Warped Tour Fan #60

Hello I met you guys today (Simple Plan) and I wanted to let you know that your music has helped me so much. I struggle with depression and anxiety, and sometimes there are days where I just want to end it all because death is an easier option. I get through the day as best I can do but the sadness is always there. Thank you for meeting me and signing my pay stub, it meant the world to me. Please help me know that I am worthy of happiness.


Hey there, thank you for sharing.
I know at times just getting out of bed can seem impossible, but just putting effort forward can make you feel better. Choosing the hard path will grow your confidence and make you a stronger person. You are absolutely worthy of being happy and I’m sorry if that’s been difficult for you to feel. And in case nobody has told you lately, I’m proud of you. You’re doing great.
You matter.

Hang in there friend,

Friend, you are worthy of happiness because of the breath in your lungs. In spite of everything in your past that may have brought you to this point, because you woke up today you DESERVE happiness. However long it takes you get there, please don’t give up. Keep taking steps towards it, you will get there.

You are worth value and are wanted and that means you deserve to be happy.

Thank you for opening up. I’m glad they were able to help you and made you feel better, that’s amazing.

You are worth happiness. You are worth love. You are worth life. You aren’t alone. We will keep fighting with you no matter what.

Hold Fast

Simple Plan is amazing! They are my best friend’s favorite band and I have seen how music can people’s lives. You are so so loved. And you are worthy of happiness, life, and hope. You are here. You are enough.