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PTSD and anxiety is a bitch but I’ve learned how to not let it affect me every day

That’s good, it sounds like you’re navigating your hardships in a mature way. I’m proud of you for that. Keep going, you’re doing great.
Hang in there.

I’m glad to hear you don’t let it affect you, but also remember it is perfectly normal to feel the way you feel about certain things. Please be kind to yourself as you continue staying strong and facing the day friend.

Thats so awesome you have figured out how to not let it affect you stay strong and know you are not alone in this.

I’m so very glad you’ve learnt how to handle it and live life without allowing it to get the better of you.
I deal with anxiety and depression, and I’m still learning. It makes me happy to see that you’ve gotten to where you are.

Hold Fast

FU ptsd! Sometimes you just have to flip the bird to our mental illnesses and remember that we are more than our struggle. That we can find hope and help. And remember that we are not alone. Every day that you wake up and face this world and work through your ptsd is another day you become that much stronger. Sending you love!