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I’m trying to forget about my ex friend who just ended our friendship with me in a jerk kinda way.

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Friendships ending never feel good, but consider that it may be for the best. Sometimes when people leave it can feel like deadweight being taken off our backs. and if they weren’t being nice to you that might be the case. I know you’ll find new friends who wont be a jerk to you, and if you need anyone to talk to or be your friend you came to the right place. We love you, we care about you. You matter.

Hang in there friend

Friend, the older you get the more you will understand and realize that you are better off without certain people in your life who have been around forever. It sounds like this may be the case here, and I’m sorry they chose to end your friendship in such a way but if someone is willing to treat you in such a crappy way then you are better off. Hold your head up high, friend.

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I can understand that. I to have lost friends but I try must to just hope the best for them even if they dropped out friendship in the worse way. Hold Fast

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hi friend,
I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I’ve experienced this many times, and the thing that I learned is that if it ended (especially in a jerk kinda way), maybe it was for the best that you guys parted ways. it’s really hard to get over a friendship, but you’ll soon see that those people who have left our lives are replaced with better people that are good for us. I would recommend journaling and writing down what you’re thinking and feeling. I’ve found that when I journal then reread what I wrote, i notice things about that person that were not healthy for me and it helps me realize that it ended for a reason.
you are loved and we care for you. im so sorry this happened to you. you deserve nothing but good people in your life. you deserve to have a supportive group of people in your life. if it helps, we’ll be here for you whenever you need us. we are always here to listen and remind you of how awesome you are: )
stay strong

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I had to end a relationship with my best friend of 12 years because of the way she treated me.
I don’t think you need to forget about them, they were a part of your life, and your story. I think you need to try to change the way you’re looking at this though. People grow apart, and it sucks. It’s hard. However - these things are what teach us to be the people we are and help us grow. Keep close to the friends you have, and keep moving forward.

Hold Fast

You know, a real friend would have treated you kinder. A real friend won’t leave you or treat you less than. I once had a best friend who became my bully. I miss so sorry you are going through this. Just know you will find friends who treat you well and love you so much. You are worth healthy, fun, and good friendships.

Hey friend,

losing friends out of nowhere can be so tough and hurt so much. Going through life, it’s unfortunately going to happen. Just keep in mind that maybe it is for the better that they are no longer in your life. Hopefully this will lead you down the path you’re meant to be on, and will grow. Give yourself time to grieve over this loss, but give yourself the strength to move on as well.