Warped Tour Fan # 66

Depression and suicide and anxiety

Thank you for sharing the things you struggle with. You matter and you are worth more than you could ever know.

Just know you are loved and were made for a purpose! You are among friends. If you need anything just ask.

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I struggle with depression/anxiety constantly and even have panic attacks at times. For me, even through the toughest times, I just gotta keep telling myself that things will get better. You just gotta keep moving forward. You are loved no matter what you are struggling with.

All of those things suck and I can’t act like it’s easy to chose to live when dealing with them, but life is so worth living.

Staying alive is a decision I have to make everyday when I wake up and I believe you can chose that too. It’s not easy but everyday is worth it.

Hold fast,

Life can feel so heavy and dark. But I want you to hold on through the worst nights. Every night where you think you can’t make it just wait until the morning. Always wait for the morning. And please reach out to us here if you ever need anyone. We love you and you are enough. Hold fast.

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