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My biggest struggle is self doubt and love. Never satisfied or happy with what I look at in the mirror. Depression and anxiety always find a way to creep into it as well.

Thanks for reaching out. It’s hard at times to be satisfied with life. You are worthy and worth it. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for most of my life. There’s a few things I tell myself, and it helps…anxiety is a liar, and my worth is more than what I see. Please keep reaching out. You are important.

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You are not alone. There are a lot of people who struggle with this. A great step you have already taken is to reach out to others and ask for encouragement and help, so keep doing that.

I have so much respect for you for being courageous enough to admit that you are struggling. That is awesome. Continue being awesome and fight through everyday. Try different strategies for fighting your anxiety and self doubt so that one day you can use your story to help others.

Keep persevering. I believe in you!

Hey friend I sometimes struggle with self doubt also and what has helped me is finding the small victories. It helps me remember that i can accomplish something and so can you!

Hold Fast
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Learning to love yourself is not easy. At least, it hasn’t been easy for me. It’s been a learning process of ups and downs, but I promise you that it gets easier. Start off by learning to forgive yourself for the small things you can’t control. I had to start by just accepting the things about myself that I couldn’t change. I didn’t wake up saying, “I’m beautiful!” I just woke up saying, “This is my body and it helps me do different things in life, like going to concerts and laughing”. I want you to know too that whenever you need love and encouragement on days where you can’t love yourself. We will be here for you. You aren’t alone.