Warped Tour Fan #74

Insecure about self, major depression.

Depression isn’t fair. It takes reality, even good stuff, and paints everything ugly. It is ok to not be ok. Thanks for reaching out. You are not your depression or insecurities. You are worthy and needed more than you can ever imagine. Keep reaching. You are not alone.

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I feel you. We live in a society that makes us second guess everything about ourselves and what we do, from too fat, too thin, ugly, smart, trying to please and make everyone happy, and its still not good enough. I don’t know what you’re going through, but keep getting up, keep fighting. There are others here, and elsewhere that will fight for you when you can’t, and help you get back up when you need that hand.

Couple songs I go to when I’m having a rough day that maybe will help you when you need some extra motivation to get back up as well -

A Reason to Fight - Evolution - Disturbed
You Want a Battle?? Here’s a War - Bullet for My Valentine

I hope your time at Warped Tour bring a little bit of light into your dark corner, and your time here will help you find other lights to shine and light your path on those days that are darkest for you as we care.

Be Most Excellent.

Thank you so much for posting. I struggle with severe depression constantly myself and I am also insecure about myself as well. You’re not alone in this struggle. You just gotta keep moving forward. We’re here for you. Always.

I won’t pretend to know what you’re going through. I’ll just say that I’m 29, and I’ve been there MANY times. I’ll just say that what you’re feeling fucking sucks. And I’ll say that right now you’re not alone in feeling that.

I have no idea who you are, but I want you to understand that some part of this world still needs you. Someone is going to benefit from your story, is going to feel less alone because you’re there. You are worth so much fucking happiness. And if anyone has ever told you or shown you differently then there’s a hole inside of them, not you.

It’s a fight, and one you may have to do again and again. But we need you. So fight on.

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hold on, friend.
It gets easier.
Then it gets better.
Then it feels like freedom.
There is hope and there is help.
You are loved and you are enough.