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I had been struggling with anxiety for a while. Ever since my great uncle died, things had seemed to be getting worse. Eventually we had about 3 more deaths in the family since then and it’s been hard. As well as my family hasn’t been so accepting over my sexuality, or the fact I would like to pursue music in the future, in which sucks.

Losing people you care about is hard. People don’t know what to say and then when they do say something, it can feel shallow. Know you’re not alone, though. I promise.
Good luck with your pursuit of music. It can be so healing and soothing. Family often means well but sometimes their hopes and dreams get tied up in what you do, who you are, what you accomplish. Just know you are special just for being you. You are worthy of your pursuits…keep dreaming big! And please, keep reaching out.

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I’m really sorry to hear what happens to you. Anyways, with time your family will start understanding you and you can help them with that. About music, if you believe in yourself and work hard you can surely accomplish your dreams.
Good luck!!

So sorry to hear about the loss of your Uncle and other family members, that’s always really hard, know that each day it will get a little easier. Music is soothing to the soul, it is a great way to forget about things that you may be struggling with, keep pursuing music it doesn’t have to be something that you make a living at, it can be something that makes you happy. I am sure your family loves you and may just need a little time to accept your sexuality. Know that it will and does get better

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That is so so much to bare all at once. All of those things by themselves can be stressful and hard to go through. Having to deal with all of it at once must be really hard. I am so sorry for the losses you have experienced in your life. Grief is such a difficult thing to go through. I won’t say that time makes the pain easier, but time finds a way to show you that there are still beautiful things to experience on this earth.

Also I want you to know that not only will we accept your sexuality, but we will celebrate it. You can want who you want. I don’t know what you identify as, but it doesn’t matter. What natters is that you know that we are here for you and we love you no matter who you love. Love who you love and do what you love! We believe in you.