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I have dealt with depression and I still struggle with not being accepted and feeling ugly. I am overcome by self-consciousness.

First off, you are not ugly. You are beautiful inside and out. Second off, I struggle with depression constantly, so you are NEVER alone in this. You are loved. This community cares for you and is here for you. I care about you. Thank you so much for sharing. Hold Fast.

It can be really hard to overcome those bad thoughts about ourselves. Just know that you can overcome those thoughts. It takes time and it takes work, but there is hope. If you ever need someplace to feel accepted and loved you can always turn here. We are here for you and we will love and accept you for who you are. Those thoughts that tell you you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not good enough are lying to you. You my friend, are more than enough. You are alive and you are worthy of love and happiness.

You’re accepted right here friend. Depression is hard to live with, but, it gets better. I live in a state of hating how I look - I’m never happy with my appearance, so you’re not alone. It took me a long time to find where I was accepted, but, once I found this place - it felt like home right away. I hope you feel that too.

Hold Fast

Oh boy it is so hard when your dealing with self worth or self hate. That has been something that as of late I am dealing with. For me I had to go to the root of the problem and figure put what was causing it. Figure out what it that is not allowing me to love me as me. As of late that has been due to things other have said to me. Dont give up because it is possible to love yourself.start a list of things you do love about yourself.