Warped Tour Support Wall #4

Deal with type 1 diabetes, stress, depression, break-up, lacking of self-worth…

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Self worth is something I used to struggle with a lot. Reach out- people are here to reassure you of your worth. I promise you it gets better. Keep fighting.

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“I’ve been there, at the bottom thinking the world would be better off without me. But I’m still here. I got help. You can too. You have gifts to share still. You are loved.” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

“You are never alone. You are loved, and there are people who are here to help you! Much love <3” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

“Stay strong. Surround yourself with positive people that love and accept your truest self .That self is pretty awesome.” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

Self worth is something that we all deal with. It is so easy to compliment others, thank others, give credit to others… but how many of us shrug off thank yous, are not accepting of comments and just do not allow ourselves to value our own accomplishments… You matter.

Who you are, what you have accomplished, what you want to accomplish… your day to day… All matter.

The stress… What a heavy load you are carrying… Diabetes… depression… going through the loss of a relationship… any one of these things are stressful and leading up to a feeling of less value… all together… such a struggle.

You were so smart and brave to reach out.

Not just those of us who reply, but so many more see what you said and are touched by your words… so many who may be motivated to reach out today or at a later time due to you reaching out… Thank you for that.

If you have a support system, reach out and continue to reach out… If you do not have a support system or if you are working on building one, keep working on it.

Consider a nutritionist for your diabetes, a doctors visit, a social worker. Many hospitals have a team who work specifically with diabetes for free… Do know that these people are working hard to help people like you, so please reach out and accept the help that is there… You may have to seek it out a bit, but do accept it once you find it as you deserve to feel safe and secure in your body when you eat… a very basic and necessary human function.
You matter!

Depression is common with diabetes. I know it is hard to reach out for help… you have already bravely done so… please work towards making an appointment for therapy… talk to a doctor, counselor, friend, family member, crisis line… here… keep talking… Take care of you!

I don’t want to talk your ear off… I am here if you need someone to listen, reach out.

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I too battle with self worth. On a regular basis. It can be so defeating can’t it? I’m so sorry that you have to deal with that.
Just know that you ARE valuable. You ARE valued. You ARE important. And how you feel DOES matter! Your feelings ARE valid. You are not alone my friend. We are here to love and support you. To offer kindness and encouragement. I hope it gets better

  • Kitty

My dad deals with type 2 diabetes, and it’s horrible. I can’t imagine how it must feel to deal with all of this together.
Don’t let the break up define you. You are worthy of love. Depression isn’t the end - it gets better.
I’d imagine that someone at the tent gave you a copy of Dwarf Planet, if that’s the case, I highly encourage you to work through that. It’s a great resource. Keep fighting. You’re worth it. You’re loved.

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