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Physically bullied in the 8th grade for being different. I was stabbed, hit, anything that can physically hurt you. Also self-harmed.

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“You are not alone. End the silence” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

“Find a community in which you are accepted for that very difference! Find home.” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

“You exist! You matter!!! Whatever issues you’re carrying, know there is a community who gives a s**t :slight_smile: <3” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

“Fight on. You’re strong. Love ya!” -Anonymous written response on Support Wall

8th grade is when I faced many of the struggles that stayed with me for years up until recently.

Please know that with time things get better. I promise that. It takes work and time but it will get better I swear.

These periods of time do not hold the power to keep us back our whole life, if we work towards getting better. Small steps.

Hi friend, I’m so sorry that you had to experience and go through that. I too have suffered with being bullied a greater portion of my life. Both from people I went to school with and who I was raised by. I went through a lot of abuse in the home. Even as an adult I have experienced a lot of bullying around where I’ve gone and online. I’m so sorry that you have had to deal with that. Nobody should ever have.
I hope you always keep your voice and speak up! Don’t be afraid to share what you are going through. Like another person said “You are not alone! End the silence!”

My heart goes out to you my friend and we are here to encourage, support and love you. It does get better

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