Was Bullied in a Discord Server [Possible Trigger Warning]

Earlier I was in a server that I was in for a while, then I mentioned I was drawing someone for practice… After a few minutes someone, a commanding officer, called me a dog f-er, shared a screenshot of my yt channel, called me a furry, and kept sharing screenshots of the drawings I did of other people’s characters. Then, she shared an old photo of my toon-me challenge drawing. She basically attacked me for not being able to draw humans. There’s more to this but I either can’t remember anything else, or my mind doesn’t want me remembering… I just woke up from a nap and the ending dream was of what happened with the person as well as the person DMing me death threats in that dream. It hurts to be bullied, it hurts even more to have dreams about the bullying…


Hey, I understand, have you blocked the person? Or have you removed yourself from that server? I really recommend to take some time off and go biking or walking a near by trail or some other hobby that helps take your mind off it. It’s always best to not let it dwell in your head, and just release it. Sorry I’m not much help but here’s something :]


I had left the server earlier, but what happened is lingering in the back of my mind. I’m still working on the drawing I was doing when I got attacked because I had already started it beforehand and I don’t wanna leave it unfinished.


That’s messed up. I’m sorry that happened, friend. How I hate when people decide to be mean about the art/creativity of someone… it’s pointless, useless and such a waste of time. Draw what you want. Enjoy the process. Whether you’d draw someone like a stickman or an elaborated portrait, it’s yours. Period.

I don’t know if you’re there already, but if you want a safe place to share your art sometimes, never hesitate to do it on the DanMakesHisMark channel, on the HS server: discord.gg/heartsupport. You’d have to give yourself the role “mark-maker” to have access to it. With Instagram, it’s the only place where I share what I draw, just because I know it’s safe and the step of sharing our art can be intimidating sometimes. :hrtlegolove:

Keep doing what you like! Don’t let that kind of comment defeat you. If you like drawing, no one has the right to make it something bittersweet for you.


I see, it’s good to disconnect, it’s better to not be around bad influences


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