Was it all fake?

I’m new to this , and I came across this website thanks to Wage War , a band who has honestly helped me out through so much. I’m coming out a 5 year relationship we’re I thought she could be the one. Unfortunately, we recently broke up. I try to fight for her and make it work again, but nothing really worked. After so many times of being told to leave her alone, I did. However, I found out that during that month we broke up she had already found out another boyfriend. So my question that I ask myself all the time is, was I even important? Did you ever love me? Was I worth it? The sad part is that I gave up all my friends and even some of my family in order to spend time with her, and now I’m all alone. I get depressed and with anxiety attacks. I told her that i had thoughts about committing suicide but she didn’t help at all. Now I just feel alone. I feel worthless. On top of that I argue with my parents, they think is easy to stop crying and forget somebody, but is not. After being with somebody for 5 years they became a part of you. A person who I thought about proposing and begin a life with. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad she found happiness , but what about me. I know I deserved to be loved , I know I deserved to be happy , but after all she did get my hopes up, hurt me in so many occasions why is she the one happy and I’m the one with depression. Sometimes I think about ending it all. The only time I ever feel fine is in my sleep, that’s why I’m always sleeping because that’s the only way I cannot think about my depression. I feel alone. I feel worthless. I feel like I might end up alone . Because I do feel alone.

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I recently was in a 3 year relationship. I thought she was the one, I still think she’s the one. Its rough battling depression and also feeling lonely all the time. I personally try to mask the pain and hurt by playing video games but I recently found that making music really helps me. Don’t isolate yourself because it only creates more depression. You’ll get through it. Love you bro, keep ya head up

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Hey @erick_ocampo,

Yes, yes and yes. Please keep telling yourself that. Words of life and truth are extremely important during very dark seasons.

You have the right to feel angry, stressed and depressed. After all, you invested half of a decade into this girl. You know her better than I do, but based on your post, I would argue that the feelings she had for you were very real for most of your relationship. Unfortunately, toward the end when things got rocky, it sounds like that, instead of trying to repair what was falling, she abandoned ship instead. You deserve to be fought for. If she pulled the stunt of “abandoning ship” with you, imagine what she’ll do with the next guy when things get rocky. Sadly, it sounds like a cycle that she’ll be stuck in until she realizes that not every relationship is perfect and that a relationship requires 100% from both parties (as opposed to 50/50). Coming from a plethora of relationships myself, although it sounds cheesy and cliche, I can promise you that time will do most of the healing for you. Your breakup is still very raw, so what you’re feeling is completely normal and expected. I just need you to hold on for a little longer. You got this. You’re strong.


Thank you so much! I guess sometimes all a person needs is encouragement from other people. For quiet some time now I feel that I’m ended because of me not trying hard enough, but you’re right I didn’t think of it that way. It had to be done from both sides. I guess I need to cut myself a break and realize that I did everything possible to make it work, and forgive myself so I can let go.


Hi Erick. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Sometimes relationships end and you do start to think that maybe the person was just faking it for you. However, a lot of the time, it started off as a genuine desire to be together that just grew apart. Just know you’re not alone. You are worth fighting and your life is worth living. You were brave to post on the wall and share your story and I’m so glad that you feel you could talk to us. Hold on, you can do this. You’re stronger than you think.


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I have also recently had heartbreak tear me apart. Im so sorry for what happened and how you feel but know that it will feel better in the future.
Sending hugs
If you ever need someone To talk or vent to, Im here.


Im here if you need someone to talk too