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Waste of Space? Imposter Syndrome? Idk

Hey there,

I’m new here. I’m really struggling. I feel like I’m just a waste of space, and time, and resources. I always have. I can’t afford therapy anymore. Sometimes I think about how it might be imposter syndrome feeling like I am this burdening pile of crud that has duped everyone in her life into not hating the sad, useless, awful person I am by fooling them all into thinking I’m worthy of kindness or love. In theory there are people who actually care very much about me… but also, the more people get to know me the more they hate me. My family abused me, all but one of my exes abused me, my current partner doesn’t abuse me but doesn’t ease my feelings of being a burden very well because while they are happy to give me any reassurances I need - they also don’t talk to me about really serious things that include both of us and they act like I basically am not even a mutual partner in our relationship/lives sometimes. I think it’s because I’m very disabled and they have to care for me all the time, and they don’t understand what it is like in my head/in my body and it is rough for both of us… I know they try very hard to be supportive. But sometimes it feels like they just treat me like another child that needs to be cared for and coddled because I am not useful or helpful enough. Which I know will just make them feel like a shit bag if I try to tell them that, so I keep it to myself because usually it is fine. But we also got in a fight earlier and stuff that keeps me up at night got dragged up, and made me feel even more like this horrible person who doesn’t deserve love or kindness or anything…

And part of why I struggle is because I don’t feel like I deserve love, or kindness, or self-care, or food… and so I just don’t take care of myself so I can save those resources for others that matter more than me.

Honestly, I qualify being successful as having a roof over my head, utilities paid, food to eat, and affording therapy. But I haven’t been able to afford therapy in years and I desperately want it again, I can’t even afford food most months.

Sometimes I want to crawl out of my head and my worthless-feeling body, and just leave behind all the parts that make up the me that hold me back. That make me this burden. That ruins other peoples’ lives having to deal with my limitations and needs.

Sometimes I wish I could teleport my life to another country where I could have better/cheaper/free access to mental health care as well as the physical health care I need to get my chronic illnesses and chronic pain back under control enough to be able to focus through a day. I get no disability benefits or food snaps or anything because I’ve been rejected for them.

I just don’t understand why I should keep going most the time… all I do is ruin anything I touch and make others miserable.


hi and welcome
i am not one of the old members of here either but i know one thing that here we are like a family and we are gonna support each other …
of course i will never be able to understand what you are going through but the way you feel is not your fault and i think the first step is to stop blaming yourself for everything …
the first time that i came here there was only one thing in my mind that i want to change and i need help and i need people who might have same issues to understand me…
the fact that you are here opening your heart to us and reaching out is not that easy but this means that you are still fighting and that’s the only thing that matters i struggle every day but at night i tell my self that tomarrow can be better
don’t lose your hope and let us know
you deserve unconditional love for you yourself


Hey lapineffraye! First of all - welcome to heartsupport, and thank you so much for coming here and sharing with us.

Secondly - you are HUMAN and therefore worthy of love. Full stop. <3

Impostor Syndrome is a real bitch to deal with, I feel you on that for sure. I can tell from your writing that you care deeply for those around you and their feelings. It sounds like you’re also really hurting b/c your partner treats you as less than a partner in your relationship. That’s not a great feeling to have, and I’m sure it’s hard to bring that up logically to them without feeling like a burden. Regardless, you absolutely, 100% deserve love, kindness, and basic sustenance!

As far as affordable mental health care, have you looked into some low cost options at things like churches or community centers in your area? Not sure what’s available. If you’re in the US like I am, mental health care is not the greatest as far as cost or availability, which sucks. When you invent that teleportation device, can you share it with me??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am so glad to have met you on here, thank you again for posting and sharing. MUCH LOVE <3


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