WAY TO GO YOU! (World Suicide Prevention Day)

Since, it is World Suicide Prevention Day! I just want to acknowledge all the people out there that everyday are fighting back thought of ending it all, those that have been able to fight past those thoughts and those who have survived attempt!! I am glad that everything single one of you are still here today! All of ya’ll are fighters, and I know that day after day it gets really hard, but keep fighting! Today needs you, tomorrow needs you and everyone around you needs you (even when you can see or feel that).

You’ve made it this far and you can conquer whatever come next and make it through the days to come! You’ve got this!


Thanks for posting this @Michellelena. I really need to hear this.

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Thank you Michelle!!!
I am so proud of everyone fighting this depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or what ever it may be.
I love you all!
Luna :heart:

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Thanks for posting and sharing the positivity @Michellelena! :slight_smile:

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