From math: We broke up 5 days ago, and it was because of one of us not putting in effort. We didn’t block each other, so I think about him a lot and reminiscence the good times we’ve had, and I feel like that’s lost, while I couldn’t get enough of it.

So now I’m crying every day, and I can’t focus as much as I did while we were together. He gave me sense of security and some peace, which makes me think I’m not normal for getting that from someone other than myself.


From Theo655: I’m so sorry to hear it <@1002483242433269810> ! I’m in a quite similar situation myself. I thought it would get gradually better over time but found out it’s actually a rollercoaster :confused:

I’m really sorry that you’re going through it. Please feel free to DM if you think talking more about it would help!

Also looking forward to seeing other people reply to this.

I don’t think we can ever fully predict how relationships will play out, and we can’t expect how much it’ll hurt.

I would say that we all at some degree need love and acceptance from others. It’s not unnatural to need that or want it. It’s okay to feel that grief that comes when relationships end. I know it doesn’t feel okay, but I do hope that you find that community and support helps you through this hurt


Hi there math,

Breakups are so tough and I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through that. I can understand how hard it must be when this is such a fresh wound, and how easy it is to constantly be thinking about this.

With that said, you will be able to build new relationships with time; things will get better. But I know that cannot truly alleviate the pain you feel now.

I am wishing you the best and hope that things start to feel better soon. You matter, and I’m glad you’re sharing here. Please stay in contact if anything further is on your mind.

<3 Tuna


hi math, i’m so sorry you’re going through a break up. it’s always such a tough decision to make in this social media era on how to handle one another’s profiles. do you think blocking or staying connected/mutuals would provide the most benefit to your journey in moving forward? heartbreak is so difficult though so i hope that you’re staying hydrated through the tears that are normal to be shed after any breakup. as you begin your healing journey post-breakup, be easy on yourself and do what’s necessary to give your own self the security and peace he once brought you. having peace and security with yourself as a personal foundation will only benefit you and your future relationships. wishing you all the best as you practice self-care and take things slow * patient on your heart. you are loved and valued and you WILL get through this. love, twix


Hi Math, I am so sorry that your relationship ended. As you have said if only one of you is putting effort in to a couple its kind of out of sync isnt it. So now you are going through that awful grieving process, its such a nasty feeling where your emotions change from one day to the next and range from desperately sad to angry and hurt and I wish you didnt have to go through that. It will pass friend, it takes time but it will pass I promise.
One thing I would like to let you know is that you are perfectly normal for finding security and peace in someone outside of yourself, its great if you can find it in yourself and in them infact I personally think its lovely if you can find it in someone else. You will find that again but like i said before this takes time to pass and in the meantime if you need to post here you can as much as you like. I wish you luck.x


From math: thank you for the kind words everyone

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From math: im hurting so much still=

From math: thought about ending it all, but i’d probably benefit from doing something radical like go travel a bit

From math: but i’m really hurting and have been since childhood

hi Math,

it’s only been a week or so, of course the hurt and sadness are still intense.
Going to travel for a bit – is that something you do once in a while? it sounds like a good way to distract yourself.
Do you have any friends or family who can go with you?

Speaking to a therapist might also help you to talk about what you’re feeling, and give you a safe space. I am so glad that you’re here with us, and using this safe space. Breakups are really hard, but you can survive this, and it CAN and WILL get better with time. It might not feel that way now, but always remember “this too shall pass”. You matter, please keep us updated on what’s going on, and how you’re doing . We care about you, friend.