We hear you, we see you, even when it may not seem that way

Hey everyone,

Recently I have noticed that the support wall posts have been lacking in responses and I just would like everyone to know that even though it may take some time to get a response on your post, and although some posts may receive more responses than yours, that does not mean that we care about you and your struggles any less.

We as humans all go through different seasons of life- those who reply are those individuals who care very much about everyone- no matter race, religion, sexuality, gender- anything. With each person we are all in different seasons of life- some of us are in the cold seasons of winter where we feel numb and need to work on ourselves and keeping ourselves alive until the season passes; some of us are like spring- we have bloomed into a new individual in the ways we think and feel. Some of us are like Summer where we feel as though we are on fire with accomplishing our goals and simply being happy; lastly, some of us are like Autumn- there are beautiful colors on our face but we may be hiding something inside, something we may not see as an issue; as the leaves fall so do we but there is still beautiful scenery- so why stop now? Then the end of Autumn comes and we are left bare, we poured out too much and now our glass is empty.

That is a long explanation but I hope it gets the point across.

I know I’m just some random volunteer but I just want you all to know this- you are not being ignored, you are not a burden, you are not worthless- you are worth it, you are seen, you are heard, you are so so loved.

I wish it was possible for each topic to receive the same attention but sadly that is a very difficult thing to accomplish. We can hope for one day though that maybe it will be a possibility.

Keep holding on, you are all worth this fight, you are all heard, you are all loved.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur pal Blurryface)


Thanks for sharing. It’ll surely help someone who still hasn’t received a reply


@Lyss, thanks for sharing this, friend! Your analogy of comparing our lives to different seasons is beautiful. You are such an encouragement!

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