Weed and addiction?

I know you can’t really be addicted to weed. But man it’s all I think about the the only thing that makes me feel better everyday.


Hey @Kyliene,

Thank you so much for being here. :hrtlegolove:

Actually, you can be dependent to weed like any other substance. It’s just a matter of wording and officially we talk about a “use disorder” instead of “addiction”. It doesn’t match 100% with the same criteria of an addiction as it was officially defined, but still people can develop a physical and emotional dependence to weed.

If it becomes your only way to cope/to feel okay during the day, then you may want to address that and find different coping mechanisms that would be healthier in the long run. The problem can occur when it becomes your only solution for everything. It can also become problematic if you feel like you can’t stop using it, even if it doesn’t produce the results expected. When you are not in control of what you consume, when you can’t stop when you want, then that would be the beginning an addiction.

I hear what you said about feeling better while consuming it, and just so you know no one will ever judge you for that here. How can we support you the best regarding this? Is it currently an issue/something problematic for you?

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