Weed problem

Hi my name is Gabe and i have 24 years old.

Here is my problem i smoke weed throughout my days so it let me flow and being happy with my life.

But this solution started to become a problem, like motivational problems, and other physicals ones too.

I want to do something stable and good for my life like a Bacc in Computer and many more, but the only motivation i can find is getting on my pc.

I even started to think that my wife may not be good for me while at the beginning i’ve choosen her cause i’ve want her to be happy and i love her so much.

So yhea basically i’m addicted to weed and it’s a problem that i don’t have the force to push on because it still help me so much… I’m stuck in all of that and it starting to becoming dark…



Hello. Nice to meet you. I hope you feel welcome in this community. Thank you for sharing. I’m not an expert when it comes to marijuana. I know a little bit. Us humans, we can get addicted to anything. When it gets out of control, we fall apart. Is this affecting your relationships? Is this affecting you? How can you limit yourself? Weed is not the most important thing in the world. Focus on your priorities. Moderation is okay. If you want to quit smoking, that is up to you. You got this.

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Hey Gabe,
Thank you for trusting us and reaching out. As a recovering addict I can tell you one of the toughest addictions I see is marijuana addictions. It is hard for society to recognize it as a harmful substance because it seems like there are no negative side effects. In recovery I have seen lots of addicts recover by understanding they used to escape feeling uncomfortable in their own heads. I know that has been applicable in my case as well. Using/drinking/smoking took me out of my head and for a long time my head was not a place I wanted to be. The truth is that people with addictive personalities are not people who love abusing substances, but instead they are people who believe they’re better people when they are high/drunk. An important aspect of recovery and general well being is that you need to surround yourself with people who encourage you to feel your best without using. It sounds like you are a very smart guy and it is apparent you’re brave because you’re opening up about it. I understand you may feel like you can’t break the chains of addiction without the willpower but I believe you do have the willpower. It may not seem like it in active addiction but I can promise you that you don’t have to smoke to be your best self. I hope that helps and I’m more than happy to private message you if you’d like to talk about it. I know that quitting will have to be your choice and no one else’s though, regardless this community is here for you and I strongly encourage you continue reaching out to others. You are not alone Gabe, and I know you will have the willpower to overcome. Stay strong and remember that seeking help is an act of bravery not weakness.