Weekly Discussion

Hello everyone,

It’s been almost a month for me to be in this forum, and i have tried to post something weekly :slight_smile: I got a couple question for your guys.

How’s your week?
What’s the best thing has happened this week that makes you happy and smile

Starting with me:This week for me has been going up and down, i met some toxic people in League of Legends(yes i play league but i am non toxic xD feel free to add me) I poured my heart to them but they ended up removing me from their group. But it’s fine, nothing can go all the way straight, just another lesson in my life. On other side, I have met someone really important to me, I really enjoy having her company with me when I feel sad, it’s life, when god close the door for you, he always gonna leave a window for you!
For my school, I have midterm and classes this week, it’s fairly busy, but I think i can manage well, just having some trouble with managing time xD.

Something funny i want to share- for my class teacher, he has an addication to the coke, every single class he will chuck a 2L bottle of coke(and from the senior students, they said he has been doing that since they into the school)

Feel free to share you bad and good things during this week, trust me, putting your things on the forum will be much better than keeping it inside your heart.

Have a good day/ night!


Thanks for taking an interest in us and our lives :slight_smile: It’s refreshing to celebrate what’s going well when we’re usually reluctant to do it ourselves.

It’s been a rough week for me adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, and it doesn’t help that I haven’t been sleeping well either, but the week is more than halfway over, so I’m looking forward to the weekend.

The thing that’s made me happiest this week is planning to celebrate my second anniversary with my wife on Saturday. We’re going to spend the whole day doing the socially distanced things we love, a whole day celebrating ourselves when we’re usually too tired to put in the effort, or else don’t want to spend the money.

As a bonus, we’ve both received our first dose of the COVID vaccine, and are anxiously waiting for our second doses and the immunity-building period afterward to return to some kind of normal. I was nervous to get mine at first, but now that I realize I can have my life back in a month and be out of this hell, words can’t express how relieved I am.

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I got up early yesterday and went to the beach. The day was a bit cool, and windy, but there was hardly anyone there, and it was very pretty. Then I went for a walk in a forest nearby where it is so quiet there is no sound.
Sometimes I like to pretend I am the only person on earth. I’m not sure this is healthy thinking though. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the post.



Best Wishes to you and your wife on your 2nd anniversary. May peace and happiness be with you two forever. :heart:


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